50 Investments for 2022

Bitcoin – potentially the future of money or at least store of value Wine – Vinovest allows you to invest in fine wine without much knowledge Gold – historically this would be considered a good store of value oil – some people think it’s going away, other think it’s going to keep growing big techContinue reading “50 Investments for 2022”

What Does My Portfolio Look Like | How I’m Achieving FIRE

How do I plan to become wealthy, free from depending on a paycheck, and support my family without needing an income? Here is a peek inside of my portfolio as a newly married 20 something year old. I got here by making less than 40k annually. Some of my investments were luck, and some wereContinue reading “What Does My Portfolio Look Like | How I’m Achieving FIRE”

How to get more from your money WITHOUT spending it

The conversation of “you can’t spend it when your dead” or “I’m here for a good time not for a long time” to me, when it comes to finances, is a silly way to approach life. Not because money shouldn’t be used for fun or shouldn’t ever be spent. But because money is very muchContinue reading “How to get more from your money WITHOUT spending it”