Lower Your Time Preference. A short story.

I have woken up. I’m 63 years old and my children have successful careers thankfully. I’m still working but because the world is evolving so fast, I must work a minimum wage job. I’m trained extensively in my old career as a mechanic, but it’s been outsourced, and I got laid off from a companyContinue reading “Lower Your Time Preference. A short story.”

The REAL way to get RICH. Planning for retirement YOUNG!

Does it REALLY matter if you spend all your money on strippers, white claws, and bottomless mimosas? You’re 25, building your career, have extra money for the first time ever, after being broke in college, and want to have some fun. Is there anything wrong with that? NO. You can have fun, you can drinkContinue reading “The REAL way to get RICH. Planning for retirement YOUNG!”