Stop Investing in Tech Stocks

Tech stocks have been a brilliant investment for decades. We have had 3 market bubbles in the last 2 decades. This article is a way to prepare yourself for a potential 4th bubble, or at least to consider diversifying.

What Does My Portfolio Look Like | How I’m Achieving FIRE

How do I plan to become wealthy, free from depending on a paycheck, and support my family without needing an income? Here is a peek inside of my portfolio as a newly married 20 something year old. I got here by making less than 40k annually. Some of my investments were luck, and some wereContinue reading “What Does My Portfolio Look Like | How I’m Achieving FIRE”

Preparing finances for Air Force Basic Training (AF BMT)

Joining the Air Force can be stressful. There’s a lot that is unknown, you don’t know what it will be like, you don’t know exactly how much you will be paid while in basic training, and you don’t know if you will have any access to your finances during your time in BMT. So, whatContinue reading “Preparing finances for Air Force Basic Training (AF BMT)”

The REAL way to get RICH. Planning for retirement YOUNG!

Does it REALLY matter if you spend all your money on strippers, white claws, and bottomless mimosas? You’re 25, building your career, have extra money for the first time ever, after being broke in college, and want to have some fun. Is there anything wrong with that? NO. You can have fun, you can drinkContinue reading “The REAL way to get RICH. Planning for retirement YOUNG!”

How to get more from your money WITHOUT spending it

The conversation of “you can’t spend it when your dead” or “I’m here for a good time not for a long time” to me, when it comes to finances, is a silly way to approach life. Not because money shouldn’t be used for fun or shouldn’t ever be spent. But because money is very muchContinue reading “How to get more from your money WITHOUT spending it”

Minimalism and FIRE

Minimalism and FIRE Retiring Early. These two things compliment each other so well.

The Easy Way to Have Perfect Finances and Retire on Time

Keep investing SIMPLE. This article covers how to invest without spending dozenes of hours a month researching. This easy to do method will get you to your financial goals for FREE with only a little time spent setting everything up.