50 Investments for 2022

  1. Bitcoin – potentially the future of money or at least store of value
  2. Wine – Vinovest allows you to invest in fine wine without much knowledge
  3. Gold – historically this would be considered a good store of value
  4. oil – some people think it’s going away, other think it’s going to keep growing
  5. big tech – Amazon, Apple, Google, Meta, Netflix
  6. uranium – The future of powerplants?
  7. S&P 500 index fund – A classic investment in the top 500 companies
  8. Total stock market index fund – did someone say VTI?
  9. small-cap index fund – smaller companies ready to boom
  10. large-cap index fund – companies that are dominating
  11. Nasdaq fund – it’s the Nasdaq
  12. mutual funds – can these managers beat the market
  13. Traditional IRA – pre-tax investing
  14. Roth IRA – pay taxes now investing
  15. 401k – does your company have a good plan
  16. Pokémon cards – these were all the rage in 2020 and 2021
  17. baseball cards – Americas sport?
  18. vintage cars – Cars never go out of style
  19. whisky – It lasts for decades
  20. friends business – did you friend actually have a good idea?
  21. your business – are you ready to actually start your business?
  22. art – hang it on a wall, it looks great
  23. antique furniture – a fun hobby that can make extra money
  24. antique memorabilia – what do you find interesting
  25. NFTs – the future of art? or the future of something much bigger
  26. altcoins – Ethereum, Solana, what’s going to win the battle of alternative finance
  27. CD’s – Certificate of deposit, ask your bank for more information
  28. High yield savings – do these even exist in 2022
  29. stable coins – 8% on your dollars, yes please (for me)
  30. government bonds – currently a negative real yield
  31. corporate bonds – who do you want to lend your money to
  32. Money market funds – low risk, low reward, typically
  33. India ETF – do you believe in India
  34. Brazil ETF – do you believe in Brazil
  35. Emerging markets – do you believe in humanity
  36. Saudi Arabia ETF – do you believe in oil
  37. China ETF – is China going to expand its dominance
  38. Japan ETF – will Japan capture more of the world market
  39. Real estate – Homes are always a nice place to store wealth
  40. land – does it have resources, or is it in a good location
  41. Vehicles to rent (like on Turo) – this can be a successful business
  42. REITs – Real estate investing through the stock market
  43. medicine – these boomed in 2020
  44. energy – energy is pretty useful
  45. Become a VC and invest in start-up companies – high risk, high reward, high stress, lots of fun
  46. toys – yay, let’s play
  47. physical coins – the roman empire had some cool ones
  48. comic books – did someone say The Hulk
  49. stamps – they still make these?
  50. jewelry – gold, diamonds, lovely

This was just a fun list to make. I am not implying you should invest in any of these. This is not advice, this is just a list of things you can purchase if you’d like.

🔎Disclaimer🔎 All content in this blog is for entertainment purposes only. I am not a professional financial advisor and my statements are not to be taken as instructions or directions. In no event will I be liable for any losses or damages arising from the use of content from any of my platforms, including, but not limited to YouTube, Blog, or any other social media. I reserve the right to change my opinions and entertainment content at any time. Please be sure to do your own due diligence!

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