Lower Your Time Preference. A short story.

I have woken up. I’m 63 years old and my children have successful careers thankfully. I’m still working but because the world is evolving so fast, I must work a minimum wage job. I’m trained extensively in my old career as a mechanic, but it’s been outsourced, and I got laid off from a company that eventually went out of business. I just don’t understand tech, or coding which are a necessity in the modern world, so here I am stuck and barely making ends meet.

Also, I’m broke. I decided in my youth that I’d live life for a good time,
not a long time. Turns out the only good times I had were in my twenties and
thirties. Now I sit in my home, looking around at old crap, still paying off
loans from my days in college and my bad decisions once I started to live on my

I never bought a house, I changed cars every few years, and I still haven’t taken even a few hours to understand what a 401k is or how to invest.

Inflation has completely wiped out my savings, I thought I would be doing ok because I saved some cash throughout the years, but my savings from my 40’s can now barely afford a nice dinner.

I try to convince myself that it was all worth it. That the good times were worth these horrible times.

My father and mother, as well as some close friends, always told me to invest. How could I possibly spare $100 a week to invest in the stock market when I was busy getting drunk during my college years. How could I stop gaming when it was the only thing that really made me happy? How could I stop going out to eat, when food helped me wind down and I didn’t have time or energy to cook.

I needed to get the newest technology, otherwise I would look weird to my friends. It was vital that I kept my clothes updated, because if I didn’t have current fashion or the newest Jordan’s I’d look like a fool when going out. I couldn’t handle driving my beat down Honda Civic anymore, even though it ran well, I deserved something nicer, I worked so hard, so I needed to upgrade my car to a $50,000 Audi. Oh, and the last thing I needed to do was sell my 3 bedroom house and upgrade to a 5 bedroom. There was no way I could survive unless we had a master bedroom, my wife and I each had our own offices, our child had their own room, and we required a guest bedroom.

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling. The point is that I needed to spend that money, I didn’t have a choice, so it’s not my fault that I’m 63 and broke, there was nothing I could do to change it.

It’s also the governments’ fault that they ran out of social security money. I was supposed to be paid for my years of contribution. Now I get a few food stamps and that’s it.

My friend is worth millions, I’m not sure how, he worked the same job as me. I don’t think his family gave him any money because they seemed quite poor, but he must have won the lottery or something. He always told me to invest $5 per day and I’d be rich, but let’s be honest, that’s a silly thing to say and clearly not true.

Maybe his wife made all the money. He had the same car as I did, he just bought it a few years later, used, and I think without a loan, his Audi had ugly rims though. His house was smaller, but I always just felt bad for him because he had to share his office with his wife, and the office had a spare bed in it for the guests. His two kids also had to share a bedroom which probably messed them up psychologically because they didn’t have any privacy.

He shopped at Walmart for groceries, which must have been extremely embarrassing. I’d never step into a Walmart; I can barely allow myself to go into a Target.

I remember seeing him at a Holiday party with a phone that was 4 years old. It barely worked, the back glass was smashed, his photos looked like crap.

Somehow he was happy, and he still is.

Somehow he drives a nice car now and his house is twice as big as mine.

Somehow he has employees that do his shopping, which is no longer at Walmart.


The End.

The story is not made up. This is the story of many people, including many people I talk to and try to help.

People always want to live for the now, until the now no longer exists.

The future is coming, live to make your future great.

There will constantly be something new and shiny that you can buy.

If you don’t take control of yourself now, you could be the person in this story.


This means that you need to stop thinking about today and think about the future.

Start working out and getting a healthy body. Your future self will thank you when you’re looking in the mirror and are proud of your results.

Learn a skill, and stick to it. Learn to speak a new language, or code, or learn about a subject you’ve always had an interest in.

Get close with your family and friends, regardless of their view points. Just because you disagree with somebody doesn’t mean you can’t have a good relationship.

Save and invest your money. Saving and investing are critical for a prosperous life. They may not bring you happiness at first but they will bring you freedom and can help bring happiness in the future.

The last thing anyone wants, and many elderly peoples greatest fear is running out of money before they die.

Start with $5 per week.

Start with basic S&P 500 investing.

Read ONE book on investing.

Spare the 8 hours to read one book, for the chance of 60 years of financial relief.

You may want to work for the rest of your life. I know I do. But, at some point you will no longer be physically able to do many jobs, you may get sick, you may have a family member you want to take care of, many things happen in life.

Start now, so you have more options with your future.


I want to make it known that I’m fully aware that everyone is in a different situation. The point I’m trying to make is that everyone can make a change to better their life for the future. There’s a single mother that is working full time and going to school. There is a child in a 3rd world country that is making money online using satellite internet. Read one book this year on a topic to better your knowledge in your career or in something important. Find a single podcast about business, or finance, or your career. Everyone can improve in a small or big way. We are GMI.

This is not financial advice, just a story that many people may be able to compare to.

🔎Disclaimer🔎 All content in this blog is for entertainment purposes only. I am not a professional financial advisor and my statements are not to be taken as instructions or directions. In no event will I be liable for any losses or damages arising from the use of content from any of my platforms, including, but not limited to YouTube, Blog, or any other social media. I reserve the right to change my opinions and entertainment content at any time. Please be sure to do your own due diligence!

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