My Free Vacations for a Year

I’ve been using tons of credit card points this year. I talk about them all the time, how credit cards are extremely beneficial for everyone, especially those who enjoy traveling and would love to take more free trips!

I’m going to go over all of the trips I’ve done this year, that have cost me little to nothing (other than maybe some gas and food).

The first trip that we took this year was to Yellowstone, we took a stop in Las Vegas, which we stayed at a family members house for free, then we stopped in Salt Lake, and did decide to pay for a very cheap Hostel room, once we got to Yellowstone, we booked two nights at a West Yellowstone hotel with our credit card points, so we stayed for free.

We had a military member with us, which gave us free access into the Yellowstone Park, which was an amazing experience, we love bison!

Two full days wandering Yellowstone park, scouting bison, and viewing hundreds of geysers couldn’t have been a better experience.

We then went to Jackson Hole, WY so we could see the Grand Tetons. We got a room at the nicest hotel in town, which was also free because of our credit card points.

Jackson Hole was stunning. It was an elegant little town with tons to do and many tasty food options. The most memorable food item surprisingly was Brussel sprouts. It was the first time I’ve ever appreciated Brussel sprouts as a real side dish.

We spent the last in the Grand Teton park which was beautiful. Our planned trail was flooded with bears, so we decided to instead relax by the lake. Next time we will for sure be bringing our bikes or renting some because it’s a great place to cycle.

The next trip we took was our wedding in Las Vegas. We booked a very nice suite at the Venetian. The room was completely free, once again because of our credit cards. That was another memorable trip, because of the whole marriage thing ha-ha.

We had friends and family stay at the hotel too which was also free for them.

In October we took a trip to Tucson, AZ, and Tombstone, AZ. They are a reasonable drive away from us so it made sense to use up a free night in Tucson to stay for the night.

We explored Mount Lemmon and went to an Oktober Fest event. Then that night we wandered the streets of Tuscon and ended up finding a giant festival. We did not even know about either of the events for the day but were very lucky to end up finding both in one day, on accident.

The next day was spent in Tombstone, but we did not stay so there was no points used.

In December we took a trip to LA, we had to see what it was like nowadays, and enjoy some nice tacos. We stayed 2 nights at the Ritz Carlton, which I wrote a blog post about. It included free breakfast for both days, and a $100 credit for room service.

The last free trip of the year was New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas. Once again, we ended up in Vegas, the third time of the year somehow. We got the only room available on the strip and that of course was paid for with credit card points.

In 2021, we had many trips (we even paid for some of them not included in this post), but we had NO free flights and that’s mostly because it’s not easy for us to take trips far from where we live, especially in the times that we are living, and with a pupper to take care of.

We will be taking long distance trips next year in 2022, so stay tuned for a breakdown of next year’s free travel!

This year our credit cards allowed us to travel much more than we normally would be able to. We used thousands of dollars’ worth of hotels and other benefits in 2021 and we couldn’t be happier. The extra money we didn’t spend was invested, so we were able to both travel more than we ever have and save more than we ever have.

Thanks to credit card points we had lots of fun traveling this year!

I hope you all have a great 2022.

*this is not financial advice, use credit cards at your own risk*

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