2 nights at the Ritz-Carlton

This isn’t a rap song. It’s my experience spending multiple days at a Ritz thanks to my American Express Platinum.

This post will probably make me seem like a brat or ‘bougie’ however I’m trying to rate this on a 5-star scale. Not on the same scale as a Holiday-Inn or a Motel-6.

Steak and eggs. A breakfast for the gods. Maybe that’s a little overboard…

My steak was cooked very well. A perfect medium rare, the fat melts like butter.

Two poached eggs. Jamy yolks in the center make for a decedent yet simple egg. No seasoning or salt needs to be added when an egg is poached well, which these were.

A random tomato. Pan seared I suppose. Simplicity is key with a good meal and this meal is simple.

Fried potatoes. Not my favorite thing no matter who is doing the cooking, however they were pretty nice on the palate. Crispy, golden, flaky on the outside. Soft, fluffy, and a little salty under the crust.

Here’s a photo:


If you pay $18 for a glass of wine, from a bottle that costs $20, you’d expect it to be at least presented properly, right?

Glass was too small. The pour was to the brim.

If you can’t air out the wine, you can’t smell it. If you can’t smell it, it tastes of a pigs’ behind. From a world class resort I’d expect better. Luckily, I had a water glass on hand, so the one glass turned into two glasses and I was able to enjoy the wine a little more easily. Yes. I sound boogie but I’m ok with that.


The experience was great. Would I pay the hefty price of $400 a night (during a weekday)? No.

For this kind of money, I’d expect everything to be much less amateur. This is known as one of the best resorts on the world, I didn’t feel like that was the case. It felt like a nice hotel, not an amazing 5 star experience.

We can probably lay some of the blame on Covid, however that may be me just being a little nice.

I’m glad the experience was mostly free because I’d be disappointed otherwise. It did end up being a great trip and their dine-in food was delicious.

The worst part of it all was the parking “scam”. Sure, most of their clientele probably doesn’t care. But they have mandatory valet parking, and they charge $50 per day. That’s extreme and kind of ridiculous for the already high prices.

Expecting an over-the-top experience from a 5-star hotel doesn’t seem like too much to ask. The prices were high, there was nothing special about the hotel other than the location and it was clean thankfully but charging extra for random things seemed unnecessary and it felt like gouging. We can afford to pay it, but for something that wasn’t even advertised, it just felt slimy.

If I was a businessman who stayed in these every week, I’m sure it would be fine.

If I was a couple who are coming to this hotel for a “one in a lifetime” experience. Maybe visiting America for the first time on their 20-year anniversary. I think I would be a little underwhelmed with the stay BUT it was still enjoyable for us and many things were quite nice.

I’m just trying to compare the experience to what you would expect a “5-star, world class” experience to be.

Everything is what you make of it. I am happy and have had a brilliant time during my stay. My wife and I had a great trip. But was it a 5 star experience? I’m not so sure. Do we have good attitudes no matter our situation? Yes, we do. Did we have fun? Of course.

I’m not their normal clientele so maybe I didn’t get a standard treatment. I also do not dress nicely and I’m young, so they may have thought I was there using my “daddy’s money”, which is far from the case, even though there is nothing wrong with that.

We had a beautiful view.


We were in a lovely location.

I was happy to be here over the Hilton. This is why we stack credit card points and try to become a flaneur during great, free, quality experiences.

Once again, this trip was great, the hotel was lovely, but slightly underwhelming. I would recommend staying here if you want to be close to the water and want a clean environment and hotel.

Things I liked:

The view, the room, comfortable bed, the surrounding area (about a mile walk away), and the free water bottles.

Thinks I didn’t like:

The room service, the wine, the lack of a mini-fridge, the TV channel access, and the mandatory parking fees (plus tip).

It is unlikely I will ever go out of my way to stay here again.

But I would give a different Ritz another chance down the road.

Enjoy your day everyone.

Hope this was insightful and useful information!

-Written from an iPhone….while eating breakfast…. At the Ritz ✍️

Everything in this post is just my opinion and my experience.

Nothing I post is financial advice.

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