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*This article is talking Uber Eats

Can you make $25 per hour Ubering? $25 per hour can be more than double the minimum wage, some very technical high skill jobs pay less than this. Is it really the case that you can make $25 per hour and if that is so why doesn’t everybody Uber?

The answer is YES, you can make $25 per hour and I have personally made $25 or more almost every time I have driven Uber. There is a few caveats though.

In another blog post I discussed different ways you can add money to your pocket while in college. Uber was one of them and I wanted to be clear exactly how to maximize your profits while driving for Uber.

One. The city you drive in matters. If you are in the middle of nowhere it is unlikely there will be enough Uber trips available for you to make lots of money. To make the most money you need to be in a city or be hustling multiple apps at one time. I personally have only driven in Phoenix; however other cities can be much better or much worse. Phoenix is a very spread out city meaning most trips take at least 15 minutes to complete.

Two. The vehicle you choose matters. If you are in New York city or any other area with major traffic or very little parking it would be quite silly to drive a car. In this case you may need to use a bicycle or motorcycle. Even in Phoenix there are some parts in the city where you should drive a car/motorcycle and some parts in the city like near Arizona State University where driving a car will probably cause you to do less orders.

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Three. The time you Uber is important. One of my relatives saw that I was Ubering while in college and making up to $30 per hour and thought that it was just that simple. So, they signed up, got in their car, and started Ubering. They made NO money for multiple hours. They thought you can drive any time and make good money. For the maximum income you should be driving during peak hours. From my experience this is dinner time on the weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). In my area this means constant orders and usually uber will pay a bonus. If you decide to work at 2 pm on a Tuesday, you can expect to get almost no deliveries (for Uber Eats). Nobody is eating at 2 pm. Same thing goes for around 10 am. Lunch times are decent pay but usually people are at work and only ordering for themselves, so each trip typically is worth less money. Less food + less tip = less money per hour.

Four. Work during bonuses. These happen in most areas but in Phoenix there are bonuses almost every day during lunch time and during dinner time. These bonuses usually will give you extra money based on hitting milestones on how many orders you complete. For example, if you do 3 orders between 5 and 10 pm you will get an extra $8. If you complete 7 orders in this same time frame you will receive an extra $25. This bonus pay varies greatly. Sometimes there are multiple bonuses at the same time and sometimes there are no bonuses at all.

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Five. Choose your orders wisely. Accepting every order that is sent your way is a great way to get screwed. I’ve seen orders that take 50 minutes only pay like 5 dollars and they are 10+ mile drives. Remember that you are paying for your own gas, you are depreciating your own car, etc. Look at how many miles a trip is, look at the time it is estimated to take, and how much money you are being paid for this order. You need to do a quick calculation in your head to determine if it is worth it for you. My personal minimum is $5 for a 15-minute estimated time. $6 for an estimated 20-minute time. Sometimes these take longer and sometimes they take less time than expected. I personally do not like to make less than $15 per hour which is why I only work during dinner times. I also only work uber for extra money so if there is anything else that is a better use of my time, I will usually do that.

Overall, you must get to know your area, should you be driving a car or not? You need to understand the system and if the order that is popping up is worth doing or not. How much money is the minimum you are willing to make? Is this a full time or part time thing? Can you afford to just work dinner times, or do you need to grind 8-10 hour shifts to make a living?

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If you want to make $25 per hour, it is likely that you either need to live in a very busy city or you need to work dinner times during the weekends. For extra income this can be a very good route to take.

If you would like to use my link to sign up for Uber it may give us both a bonus depending on where you are located. Some places offer major bonuses and some offer none.

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