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Making money while in college can be tough. Some people struggle to afford basic, important things like 10 dollar bottles of vodka. Here is a list of 10 things you can do to make some extra money while in college. Without getting a part-time or full-time job because who wants to get a job?

  1. Sell Free Stuff

This might sound a little weird. But, if you look on sites like Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, or Offer Up there is usually a free section. If we’re being honest with ourselves usually this stuff is absolute junk. But, with a little bit of browsing you will be able to stumble on things that you can re-sell for some good money.

When people move, they will just give away things they don’t want to get it out of the way. Things like couches, mattresses, electronics, etc. Most of this stuff just needs a little bit of cleaning and BAM you have yourself a good looking couch that you can profit off of, on your own time, without a boss telling you to flip burgers or re-stock shelves.

Once you get a little bit of money you can go to auctions, or just buy things used on those websites and re-sell them for much more. You can also start a new business/hustle and get into ventures with higher profit margins.

In a two-minute search I found some nice-looking dressers and even a working fridge for free. That’s an easy $100 or so dollars if you have a vehicle to move the items and a place to store them while they’re selling.

Yard sales/garage sales are also good options to find things to flip.


2. Flip Cars/ Motorcycles/ Bikes/ Furniture

Many people think of cars as a place where you lose money. The truth is if you do your research and purchase the right vehicles with the right deal you can profit on vehicles.

Flipping cars can be a brilliant business. It is significantly easier if you have some skills with cars to fix them up, but even if you don’t it can be a profitable business. Even if you have no interest in flipping vehicles, doing research on the primary vehicle you plan own could save you thousands. There are many vehicles that will not depreciate or lose value. I was able to drive a motorcycle for over a year and still profit on the re-sell. This allowed me to enjoy the vehicle and sell it without the motorcycle causing me lots of headache or debt.

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If you don’t have room for a car to flip, bicycles are another solid option. Buying single-speed bikes that have some crappy paint then cleaning them up and re-painting them can lead to a large profit. This hustle can end up leading to higher end road bikes and mountain bikes. So instead of profiting 50-100 dollars per bike with lower end bicycles. The high-end bikes may give up to $1000 profit for a single flip on a bike.

Last thing which ties into tip one is flipping furniture. Specifically buying slightly beat up furniture and re-painting it, sanding, maybe giving it new handles, that kind of stuff. Just making the old furniture look so fresh, so clean. People do this as a full-time job, so as a side gig while in college this can be a game changer, allowing you to buy all the shots you can handle.

All three of these options will take some research to understand the market. Before buying bicycles for example, make sure they are desirable and learn what to look for, so you don’t buy items that are absolutely destroyed. The reason most people start with single speed bikes is because it is easy to decide if the bike works or not. When you get into high end bikes, every piece on the bike is relevant. Tires, wheels, brakes can all vary hundreds or thousands of dollars.

OfferUp, Craigslist, and Facebook Market Place are all good places to look for things to flip.

3. Sell plasma or other bodily fluids

You should consult a doctor before trying these things.

Selling your plasma, feces, semen, and other bodily fluids is an option for making a bit of extra cash. The amount of money varies greatly on these things but it’s not a difficult activity to accomplish in most cases. There isn’t much to add to this other than this can lead to over $100 per week in extra cash.

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I would recommend any of the other side hustles before resorting to these, they just happen to be a decent option if you don’t want to work.

4. Uber/Lyft

This one may seem like a job but the benefit of it is that you can do it whenever you want. You can do Uber eats or Uber for 1 hour a day or 12 hours a day it just depends on how much money you want and how much time you have spare. It’s included because this is one of the main ways, I made extra cash while in college, because I didn’t want to commit to a job with a boss and specific hours.

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If you live in a city and choose your hours wisely you can make over $25 per hour Ubering which is crazy for a college student who does not have a boss and just must drive around a little bit. It’s a great side hustle to make a little extra money and can even be a full-time job making over $35,000 a year if you’re dedicated to the craft or delivering food and people. Maybe a good alternative full-time option for an Arts major due to the similar salary.

If you would like to sign up for uber use my code and be guaranteed $800 in your first 100 trips.

5. Tutor online

This is a job that colleges pay students minimum wage to do. NO! If you are talented in a certain subject, you can freelance your own tutoring and making well over 20 dollars an hour. If you’re very good at SATs or ACTs or any other type of major test there are people who will pay you close to $100 an hour or more. You can also tutor high school students or elementary students if you market yourself correctly. Just make sure you’re good at the subject!

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Once again there are people who do this full time for a living but make over 6 figures. Don’t sell yourself short, always remember that if there is a huge competitive market at $15 an hour but nobody doing $50 an hour it’s worth a shot. People will pay more than you think because they think they’re getting a better tutor, and maybe you are!

6. Get Scholarships

This one is super boring. Scholarships have given me thousands of dollars in extra money while attending college. Millions of dollars of aid are reported to go unclaimed every year. Scholarships don’t just pay for tuition; they are also there to help with living expenses and other college expenses. This includes laptops, books, housing, and food plus much more.

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Spending a few hours, a year getting some scholarship money could be a game changer. If you’re not an outstanding student or are not super talented at writing papers you may not want to spend your time applying for the common scholarships but dig for some that seem very ‘hidden’ and give smaller amounts of money, those can be far less competitive.

At a minimum try for some FAFSA money.

7. Give haircuts

There’s usually one person in each dorm that gives haircuts for money, BE THAT PERSON! If you have any kind of talent for cutting hair you need to be telling everyone that you will cut their hair. The pricing depends on you but even 10 dollars for a 30-minute haircut, something done in the comfort of your own home! You also get to meet a ton of new people and bond with many other students.

This little side hustle can benefit you for the rest of your life, creating a huge social network for yourself. Tons of people will know you; it may open doors to glamorous parties, and you’ll be making some money in the process.

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Treat this as a mini business, get a barber cape, get a broom and some decent clippers. Get peoples phone numbers and reach out every month to see if they need a fresh cut. Maybe even put up some funny flyers. Get the money!

8. Sub-lease your house

You will need to do research on your local laws and if your lease allows this.

Sub-leasing means you will rent out a house for yourself and you will rent the additional rooms to other people. For example, you have a 4-bedroom house for $1500 per month. You stay in one of the rooms so there are 3 remaining. You can rent out each remaining room for $500+ meaning you will live there for free. If you rent out each room for $500 you will break even and be living for $0. But if you rent for $600 then you will profit $300 per month ($100 per room) and you will not only be living for free but being paid to live in that house. You can also do this without living in the house and rent out all four rooms. Make sure to check local laws. This is usually done when people own a house and it’s called house hacking but doing it as a renter is equally as powerful. I personally house hack making my college expenses super low.

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9. Bartend/DJ parties

Bartending may sound like a normal job, but it doesn’t have to be. Bigger parties on campus and frats may want to have bartenders. If you reach out to these large groups and party throwers you not only can get an invite to the party and free alcohol, but also get paid to DJ or Bartend the party. Frats would love to seem cool enough to afford a bartender so if you have the skills this can be a fun little side hustle on the weekends. Make your own opportunities.

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This is another gig that can allow you to meet a bunch of people building lots of connections through the campus and enhancing your college experience.

10. Credit Card Churn

This option can be super dangerous as a broke college student. However, if done correctly you can get all the benefits of credit cards with none of the fees. This option requires lots of research. Tons of lovely information can be attained on Reddit threads about credit card churning.

Basically, you can sign up for a credit card, meet the spending minimum bonus by doing things like buying visa gift cards or just spending the minimum on things you need like books for class. Then you get the bonus which can be worth hundreds of dollars.

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The problem with this option is that you need to have lots of discipline to not go into debt, you also usually need a credit score to be accepted for the cards.

I personally do this, but I only get new credit cards when I have a planned large purchase, like a new laptop or a vacation. I don’t personally enjoy the method of buying gift cards because I prefer to keep my money in the bank or invested, not in a gift card.

This method can provide free travel, hundreds of dollars in cash, free uber, and many other things. It can be incredibly risky and cause major debt if you don’t do the proper research. It is also not recommended to do this option if you don’t have any money to pay of your debts, so be careful with this option.

Here is a link to my blog post about credit cards –



The haircut method and tutoring method are both good examples of this. Tim Ferriss taught people how to speed read when he was in college and the Billionaire Mark Cubin opened a bar while he was in college. When in college this is the time to take risk, if you waste some time on a failed project that is OK! It’s better to waste time now and maybe a little money now while you’re young and have the time to re-group and find something else that works.

Other options can be a YouTube channel, a Blog, write books, sell your art, be a live-streamer, and many other things. TONS of college students end up dropping out because they ended up making so much money from their side business/hustle. If you’re in a degree program that doesn’t have high pay after college your side hustle can likely make you more money anyway. Only Fans anyone? Once you get some clients in your business you can even hire other students to work for you and make money without doing the work. Find friends that are good with cars and have them help you flip them. Find smart people and let them be the tutors while you find the clients.

Overall, make some money while in school. Think big, learn many new things, take risk with your time, start a hustle. NOW is the time to do it! I hope you enjoyed this post, please check out my YouTube channel if you enjoyed! I am making videos on college, money, and other life skill topics!

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