Why I sold HALF of my Ethereum in 2022

Ethereum. Bitcoin. Solana. Polkadot. Litecoin. Dogecoin. Shiba? Cardano. BinanceSmart Chain (BSC). I went a little overboard on that list. But at least 4 of those are fightingfor the same goal and those 4 are all trying to take Ethereum’s market cap andwin the battle of becoming a smartchain/defi/dApps/smart contracts cryptocurrency chain. I understand that EthereumContinue reading “Why I sold HALF of my Ethereum in 2022”


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I was able to save a lot of money during my few years in military service. Enough that if I wanted, I could keep that money invested and not save another dime until I am 60 and still retire with millions. I want to tell you how I did it as well as what I’m doing and maybe you will want to do the same. This is not get rich quick, this is get rich slow. #Bitcoin #Wine

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